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Cleaning the oven is the worst chore in the house.  It wastes your time, is messy, greasy and frankly a pain to do.  No wonder it is always last on the list.  So let Spotless Ovens do the hard work for you!

With the kitchen being a hive of activity where meals are made, safety and hygiene are important. Fatty oil spills and burnt on food can become a breeding ground for bacteria.  Your oven even may be giving off unusual smells or taking longer to heat up.  All this can be solved by giving it a deep clean.

Within about 2 hours, outstanding results can be seen with all oven brands: including electric, gas and range models.

  1. To cause minimal disturbance in your home protective
    sheets are placed in the work area.

  2. The oven rings, door glass, racks and trays are soaked in specialist equipment outside until all the food and grease deposits are erased.

  3. Whilst this is occurring I will be degreasing and decarbonising the oven interior and hob.  Any broken oven bulbs are replaced, if they can be removed.

  4. Then the canopy is thoroughly cleaned and the extractor fan filter changed.

  5. The appliance is then carefully put back together and polished to leave a fresh, hygienic oven whether enamel, chrome or stainless steel.

Deep cleans last between 6 to 12 months depending on cooker usage.

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